Level 1: Preparing Our Community of Care

Level I – Preparing our Community of Care
These primary level interventions offer engagement opportunities for the entire campus community. The focus is a general theme of mental health and wellbeing focused programming on college campuses.


I. Strategic messaging: promote wellness and mental health support on campus through intentional messaging that targets predictors of help seeking and affirming views of mental health including attitudes, peer social norms, and barriers to accessing services.

  • Target audience is comprehensive including faculty, staff, and students.
  • Classroom messaging: Create a standard PowerPoint slide for classes that highlights the above priorities in a concise and accessible way. 
    • Student Health & Wellness
    • Student Counseling Services
  • Syllabus statement that promotes mental health resources (student government version or updated version)

II. Identify other high touch opportunities with students:

  • Resident Halls
  • Video monitors in buildings
  • CANVAS – add a button with information
  • ISU app – add a button

III. Utilize existing Mental Health Task Force for messaging and maximize reach across university

IV. Utilize Student Involvement in messaging

  • Partner with student government in messaging plans
  • Other student groups
  • Student focus groups

V. Assess needs to inform practices

  • Population level to identify local priorities

Skill Development

I.  Engagement opportunities for all ISU community to develop skills on how to support a general community of care. These topics on wellbeing, resilience, and health promoting practices. 

II. Offer wellbeing focused skill development training available here

  • COVID-19 and Wellbeing for Faculty and Staff
  • COVID-19 and Wellbeing for Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • Student Health and Wellness Programs based on various dimensions of wellness

III. Offer accessible self-help resources for general well-being that are at no cost and barrier free.

IV. Offer Peer Programming to promote wellbeing

V. Offer training for General Strategies for mental health and wellness

  • Kognito: Ready access to self-help resources for supporting mental health needs and identifying students in distress


I. Accessible resources on mental health topics that emphasizes content and multiple ways of presenting information.

II. Free mental health focused resources for all students, faculty, staff