Mindful Movement and Engaging in Sustainable Physical Activity

This session will explore mindful movement as part of everyday life. We will discuss how to find fun and enjoyment in physical activity. We will investigate what types of movement may be your best fit based on your personality and interests. We will connect you with resources on campus and ensure you leave the session with the tools to build community with others of similar physical activity interests.

Objective 1: Students will be able to demonstrate the five primary movement patterns incorporated in physical activity as it relates to a mindful approach versus an exercise approach.

Objective 2: Students will identify their personality characteristics and activity descriptions to help them identify what type of physical activity they would most likely enjoy to increase sustainability.

Objective 3: Students will be able to explain how they will develop an action oriented plan to incorporate various physical activities that include a sustainable mindful movement approach.

Presented by:

Ashley Artist
Senior Assistant Director Wellness Programs
Recreation Services, Iowa State University
Nora Hudson
Assistant Director Fitness
Recreation Services, Iowa State University
Adrienne S.
Graduate Assistant, Fitness
Recreation Services, Iowa State University