Health and Wellness Student Leadership Board

Health and Wellness Student Leadership Board members provide honest, thorough, and critical feedback to questions and scenarios to help guide the work of student health and wellness at ISU, including providing feedback on programs, initiatives, marketing efforts, strategic planning, and more.  

Feedback and engagement helps the Associate Vice President for Student Health and Wellness (AVP) and Student Health and Wellness Unit create new programming, assist in effective student messaging, and facilitate an open channel of constructive feedback regarding how university operations influence the student experience around health and wellness. 
The board meets in-person once per month with the AVP for Student Health and Wellness and the Directors of the Student Health and Wellness Unit. The board also receives online engagement opportunities via Canvas or email and members are expected to respond to the topic presented.  Depending on the topic and urgency, members have several hours or several days to respond to requests for feedback. Additional feedback may also include participation in focus groups or attendance at town hall meetings. Members may also be asked to assist with Student Health and Wellness events throughout the year.

Leadership Board Alumni Listing

Students are paid employees of Student Health and Wellness and receive an hourly rate of $12/hour. Students are expected to work approximately 6 hours per month.   

Duties and expectations for Health and Wellness Student Leadership Board members: 

  • Complete all necessary paperwork and orientation. 
  • Participate in scheduled meetings. 
  • Regularly check email/Canvas and respond to engagement opportunities. 
  • Respond to requests for scheduling events and other opportunities. 
  • If unable to participate in a meeting or respond to requests online, contact the assigned supervisor as soon as practical for an extension or explanation. 
  • Fulfill the obligations of a board member to the best of your abilities by providing timely, thorough, and relevant responses. 

This position is renewable, at the AVP’s or board supervisor’s discretion, and may terminate at any time for failure to comply with the requirements above. A board member may also resign and terminate their agreement at any time, provided they do so in writing to the supervisor.  

Applications are now being accepted for the 2023-24 school year. Priority deadline for consideration is April 30, 2023. Please email if you are interested in joining the board.