Breakout Sessions

You will be able to select three breakout sessions. We understand that it will be hard to select, but the materials including slide decks will be available for all to download.

9:45 – 10:30AM10:45 – 11:30AM1:15 – 2:00PM
Room 1Cyclone Support: Building Conversation Skills to Increase Help-Seeking Previous Session Continues Previous Session Continues
Room 2Well-being at Your Fingertips

Integrating Work and Life: Living in the Moment (Part 1)

Integrating Work and Life: Creating your Employee Experience (Part 2)
Room 3 Projecting Your Wellness Edge: Emotional Intelligence Previous Session Continues Engaging with Mindfulness to Enhance Work/Life Harmony
Room 4 QPR2: Beyond Question, Persuade, Refer- Strengthening Skills; Ask the Question- Save LivesPrevious
Session Continues
Nourishing Meals on a Budget
Room 5 Well-being for Graduate and Professional Students Previous Session Continues Embedding Well-Being in Learning Environments
Room 6Collective Impact Framework: A Primer on Collaborating to Tackle Complex Problems (Part 1)Building Capacity for Wellbeing at ISU: What You Can Do Right Now (Part 2)Collective Impact in Action: Story County
Room 7Mindful @ Work: Practical Strategies and Tools Sleeping to Success: How to Manage Sleep and Fatigue in a Restless WorldFoundations of Wellness in Safety: Emotional, Social, and Physical Safety Needs
Room 8Well-being Data and its Use: Gaining Insight to What we Know and Determining Ways to Learn Even More Creating Health Promoting Spaces: Infusing Well-being into our Work, Learning, and Living Environments Declutter at Work and In Life
Room 9Planting Green Flags: Consent, Well-Being, and Community-GrowthGet Grooving with Moving to Feel Alright!Gallery Walk and Community Feedback on Health and Well-being at ISU
Room 10 Body Respect: How to Develop a Better Relationship with Food and Your Body Where do I start? Overview of the Comprehensive Support Resources Offered to Iowa State University Students, Faculty, and Staff Navigating Health Insurance 101