Body Respect: How to Develop a Better Relationship with Food and Your Body

Students will gain understanding of why it is a challenge to appreciate their body in today’s society. They will explore what it means to have body respect even when barriers exist. There will be self-reflection and small and large group discussions to create awareness, education, and action. Resources shared will provide students with the tools they need to support their journey towards developing a healthier relationship with food and their body.

Objective 1: Students will distinguish key differences between the diet mentality and intuitive eating mentality through small group discussion and the presentation.

Objective 2: Students will be able to define body respect and identify two ways to achieve body respect by participating in self-reflection and small group discussion. 

Objective 3: Students will explore obstacles to body respect and identify at least two ways to counteract those barriers by self-reflection during the presentation.

Presented by:

Alison St. Germain, MS, RD, LD (she/hers)
Nutrition and Basic Needs Strategy Manager and Registered Dietitian
Student Wellness, Iowa State University
Abby Glick
Joyful Eating Intern
Student Wellness, Iowa State University

Room: Campanile Room



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