Collective Impact Framework: A Primer on Collaborating to Tackle Complex Problems (Session 1)

Part 1 of 3 – Collective Impact Series

Collective Impact – a network of community members, organizations, and institutions who advance equity by learning together, aligning, and integrating their actions to achieve population and systems level change.  (Collective Impact Forum, 2023)

Most people attending today’s symposium have either been a part of a team that has created change through collaboration or are people who have the desire to do so. This session is for those of us who are motivated to be changemakers, but want to understand how to build the infrastructure for taking transformative action that will be lasting.  Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of the Collective Impact framework and a few ideas for where to start construction.

Objective 1: Attendees will identify at least one component of collective impact to which they are most able to contribute during a pair-and-share activity by talking with another person at their table

Objective 2: Attendees will identify one action step they can take in their team/office/organization (T/O/O) to bring the collective impact framework to life

Objective 3: Attendees will identify one person in their T/O/O to speak to about the collective impact framework during an individual reflection activity

Presented by:

nicci port (she/they)
Outreach and Community Engagement
Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Iowa State University

Room: Gold Room



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