Engaging with Mindfulness to Enhance Work/Life Harmony

Are there times when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and need a break? Infusing a basic mindfulness practice into your daily life can help to reduce stress and increase a sense of well-being.

In this workshop, participants will explore what mindfulness is and the potential benefits with a regular practice. Participants will be guided through several simple mindfulness practices that could be incorporated into their daily routine to enhance a healthy work/life harmony.

The workshop will include reflection time for participants to identify action steps including which practice they want to explore and how it will fit into their daily schedule.

Objective 1: Employees will learn about mindfulness and potential benefits for work/life harmony.

Objective 2: Employees will explore various mindfulness practices and resources.

Presented by:

Sue Tew-Warming, MEd
Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher
Iowa State University Consultant

Room: Cardinal Room




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