Well-being for Graduate and Professional Students

Is who you are as an academic different than who you are as a person? Is this affecting your well-being? Choosing how well our personal and professional lives exist in alignment is one of the most powerful ways we can improve our well-being as a graduate student. This session will teach you to define your values, encourage you to identify current goals, and challenge you to recognize where your values and goals may disagree.

Objective 1: WHO ARE YOU? Attendees will identify personal and professional values during two individual value-sorting activities and reflect on these values with the larger group during a discussion.

Objective 2: WHAT DO YOU WANT? Attendees will identify their current personal and professional goals during an individual quiet writing reflection, paying particular attention to how this easy/difficult the task is and how they’re feeling about their choices (dread/excitement/etc).

Objective 3: IS THIS AFFECTING YOUR WELLBEING? Attendees will compare their personal and professional values and make a personal determination if they are in agreement during individual writing reflection. Attendees will compare their values with their current goals and make a personal determination if they agree during individual writing reflection. Attendees who are willing to will share these reflections with the larger group.

Presented by:

Elena Gloger, M.S.
Social/Health Psychology Doctoral Candidate, University of Kentucky



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