Gallery Walk and Community Feedback on Health and Well-being at ISU

This session will be focused on gathering community feedback. The first 20 minutes of the session will be dedicated to presenting various ISU health and wellness resources in the form of posters and pictures while educating on their community impacts. The second portion will include participants joining tables marked with different resources and discussing pressing issues and topics that are being worked on by the Student Government, the GPSS and the Health and Wellness Department. In the end, participants will be asked to leave sticky notes with suggestions on things to improve on, on the appropriate resource board.

Objective 1: Educate students, faculty, and the community on Iowa State’s health and wellness resources through gallery walk presentations and a small group activity by viewing the displays and discussing with peers.

Objective 2: Showcase key impact of the various ISU Health and Wellness Resources in terms of statistics.

Objective 3: Participants will engage in meaningful discussion with peers on the gallery walk topic they found most interesting in the second half of the session by sharing their ideas and experiences.

Objective 4: Participants will be encouraged to leave suggestions and comments on how to improve at least 2 resources available to ISU faculty, staff and students by putting sticky notes on the boards related to the relevant resource.

Presented by:

Kimia Noroozi (she/they)
PhD Student
Senate Health and Wellness Officer, GPSS Iowa State University
Anna Spahn
Health and Wellness Director, Student Government

Room: 3534