Get Grooving with Moving to Feel Alright!

Sitting is the new smoking so it is important to find your groove to rekindle your motivation for creating an activity goal for well-being. This experiential presentation will offer groovy moves, fun and laughter to discover the unique features of movement and exercise. Participants will learn how to build smart goals to support sustainable habits to feel alright and leave with helpful resources and a groovy feeling to create sustainable activity habits.

Objective 1: Iowa State community members will identify the different components of movement and exercise through experiential learning activities.

Objective 2: Participants will engage in movement and exercise-based activities to learn the beneficial differences of each component.

Objective 3: Learners will develop SMART goals that support sustainable activities for well-being.

Presented by:

Muriel Hyndman (she/hers)
Fitness Coordinator
Recreation Services, IowaState University
Nora Hudson

Room: 3580



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