Integrating Work and Life: Creating Your Employee Experience (Part 2)

Part 2 is a hands-on workshop for sharing, discussion, and identifying action steps to integrate well-being in work. Participants will be presented with strategies and take time to review, discuss and share the application of these practices and skillset for a more positive employee experience.

Participants will identify those important aspects of work and life integration for them and create a plan for implementing at work.

Objective 1: Employees will learn and discuss strategies for individual and organization well-being they can implement immediately.

Objective 2: Employees will review the challenges and advantages of incorporating these strategies. 

Objective 3: Employees will create a plan for implementing and/or introducing in their work setting.

Presented by:

Stephanie R. Downs, MS, CIC
ISU WellBeing and WorkLife
University Human Resources

Room: 3560