Integrating Work and Life: Living in the Moment (Part 1)

It is easy to get caught up in the busy-ness and chaos of our everyday lives, so much so that we can miss the small moments so precious to living and working. Join me as we learn more about why mindfulness and self-care work and introduce them into our workday.

Participants will leave with a greater awareness of their environment and self-care practices on their well-being.

Objective 1: Employees will practice simple pause/mindfulness practices to implement at work.

Objective 2: Employees will review the impact of stress and burnout in the last few years. 

Objective 3: Employees will develop a broader understanding of self-care and it’s relevance in today’s environment.

Presented by:

Stephanie R. Downs, MS, CIC
ISU WellBeing and WorkLife
University Human Resources

Room: 3560