Nourishing Meals on a Budget

This presentation will aim to strengthen one’s ability to eat nourishing meals, with accessibility and affordability in mind. Our activity will make meal planning dynamic, in the fact that it shows how to substitute more affordable options that are still nourishing and balanced. From that activity students will be able to identify budgeting tools, and how to apply them in future scenarios, such as utilizing coupons and on-campus resources like the SHOP food pantry.

Objective 1: Students will practice how to budget nutritious meal doing a meal planning activity where they put together a meal plan using more affordable ingredients.

Objective 2: As part of the meal planning activity, we intend for students to gain awareness about how affordability and additional campus resources can contribute to mitigating food insecurity.

Presented by:

April Lopez, MS (she/hers)
Food Security and Basic Needs Specialist
Student Wellness, Iowa State University
Abby Glick
Joyful Eating Intern
Student Wellness, Iowa State University

Room: 2630




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