Small but Mighty: Embedding Wellbeing Strategies Into Teaching and Working

You’ve likely heard the benefits of creating inclusive environments and supporting wellbeing to enhance learner and colleague success. Sometimes the challenge is figuring out the “how”. This session invites creative thinking on simple practices that have a big impact collectively. As participants, you will learn about various strategies that you can embed into teaching and working that will move the needle in creating healthier, more inclusive environments and practices at ISU.

Objective 1: Faculty and staff will recognize the connection among wellbeing and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Objective 2: Faculty and staff will identify creative strategies to embed within their common practice (i.e. teaching, leadership, administrative, community) at work.

Presented by:

Brian Vanderheyden (he/they)
Student Wellness, Iowa State University
Paul Hengesteg
Program Evaluation Coordinator 
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, Iowa State University