Well-being Data and its Use: Gaining Insight to What we Know and Determining Ways to Learn Even More

Data guides ISU’s work in becoming a health-promoting university level, and have implications for our own daily practice and interactions with colleagues and students. During this session, the presenters will share outcomes from recently conducted well-being surveys and guide attendees in determining how they can both apply these findings and develop their own questions of interest. Attendees will interact with their peers and share their own ideas for better understanding well-being in their individual spaces.

Objective 1: Attendees will identify two-to-three well-being-related areas they can address in their own work during a presentation on data collected from recently administered surveys and assessments.

Objective 2: Attendees will draft questions they can ask colleagues and students to collect their own well-being data in their spaces during a small group discussion activity.

Objective 3: Attendees will share their questions and additional areas of interest with the group during a reporting out time.

Presented by:

Matthew D. Pistilli, PhD (he/him)
Director, Office of Assessment, Research and Divisional Effectiveness
Iowa State University
Charlotte Hampson
Public Health and Health Promotion Strategy Specialist
Student Wellness, Iowa State University

Room: 3580



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