Keynote Speaker

Dr. Shawnté Elbert

February 2, 2024 | 11:30 a.m.

Dr. Shawnté Elbert, Ed.D., MCHES, CWHC

Dr. Elbert, a pioneer in college (public) health and wellness, has dedicated 18 years to student well-being and success. Starting as a health educator, she rose to senior administration, leaving a lasting mark in higher education. Her leadership and mentoring have nurtured countless students, fostering personal growth and leadership skills.

Dr. Elbert champions (racial) health equity, ensuring equitable healthcare access. She excels in harm reduction, prevention, and risk management, creating safer campuses. With expertise in policy development, she aligns campus policies with public health best practices, prioritizing student well-being.

As a skilled course developer, she enhances educational experiences, excelling in assessment, strategic planning, project management, and program implementation. A strong advocate for marginalized students, her expertise empowers them.

A first-generation college student, Dr. Elbert passionately mentors and coaches aspiring leaders. Her dedication to professional development and mentorship, shaped by her own journey, fuels her commitment to others.

In summary, Dr. Elbert’s transition from educator to administrator epitomizes her devotion to student welfare, health equity, and education. Her legacy in mentoring, leadership, and public health will impact college wellness for generations.